Commensality - A Sculpture

Luke Scott

Commensality is a term that describes the concept of gathering around a table, to share food, share ideas and memories. A product sculpture was created as a manifestation of this concept. A reinvention of what it means to be a table. What is a table? A table is a surface for gathering, performing work, eating and sharing ideas. A table functions at its best when it is a solid surface that does not wobble.

The piece is an investigation of the idea of table-ness, it has an implied surface that levitates objects placed upon it and is kinetic—designed to move. Created as a display table to elevate Stemme it is made in 3 individual units with a total of 2565 carbon fibre tubes spaced in a 50mm grid, the table stands at 900mm high and is 5.5 metres long.

The piece treads a fine line between art and design, it is both functional sculpture and dysfunctional furniture. Inviting viewers to engage with its meaning in a very tactile way.

Designed in association with Clark Bardsley